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The Spivey Gas Plant is located in Harper County, Kansas approximately 65 miles southwest of Wichita, Kansas. The Gas Plant is situated on 40 acres of land. The plant was constructed in 1955 for Magnolia Petroleum Company (Mobil) as a lean oil absorption gas processing facility to handle and process 66 MMCF gas per day. Cities Service Company became the operator in 1973; Oxy USA Inc acquired Cities Service interest and took over operations in 1982. Trident NGL was spun off from OXY and continued to operate the facility. Natural Gas Clearinghouse bought Trident, and continued operations under the Trident name, then as Warren NGL, and Dynegy Midstream Services. Colt Resources Inc. took over operations January 1st, 1999. Colt Resources sold their plant ownership and production to Pioneer Exploration, Ltd on May 1st, 2001 at that time Pioneer Exploration, Ltd became the Gas Plant operator.  












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